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I’m sure this tower has a great personality

November 11, 2014
You normally can't distinguish apartment from condo but I can tall you which apart

Dude! Someone on West Broadway is living in a lava lamp.

Nothing much distinguishes the current breed of multi-unit concrete and glass towers. Even the hint of Piet Mondrian in the horizontal and vertical lines of the black window frames has become boring by repetition.

Economics dictate these buildings only have an outside in order to create an inside. The least costly way to build an expensive glass box is how they look to me.

They’re such cookie-cutter copies of each other that you can’t even tell by looking at one if you’re seeing expensive apartments, expensive condos or what?

However, last night I stopped and looked up into the southwestern face of one of these towers on West Broadway Avenue. And despite the monotonous uniformity on the outside, I just knew that one of the units — whatever else it was — was somebody’s “pad”.

I guess the character of these residential towers is all on the inside, which is kind of selfish if you ask me. Click the image to enlarge it.

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