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Spiders caught making light work of their prey

November 11, 2014

A spider does its job honestly and transparently where everyone can see it.

I’m sure you’ve heard the line, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave…”

Spiders will have you believe that it’s not from Shakespeare but rather from an Arachnian epic of undisclosed provenance. And that it is always misquoted.

Supposedly it goes:

If flies get tangled in the webs that spiders weave,
flies must first blame their own inattentiveness,
before accusing spiders of practicing to deceive.

The spiders are right when they say that the line isn’t from Shakespeare but otherwise they’re pulling our collective leg.

The actual quote is from a famous poem called Marmion written in 1808 by Walter Scott, a literary rock star of his day. But I believe Sir Walter was actually Scottish and not spiderish.

Flies shouldn’t get any bright ideas it’s just coincidence

Well, that web looks a little tangled but the spider fairly glows with pripe in its work.

The web does look a little tangled but the spider fairly glows with pride in its work.

European garden spiders would deny that there’s anything underhanded or deceptive about the way they will build their webs in front of strong lights when the opportunity presents itself.

The spiders point to their notoriously bad eye sight and say that they need the extra light to properly see what they’re doing.

Other insects, they say, should just watch where they’re flying.

If anything, say the spiders — with an almost detectable smirk — the bright light should actually help make the webs blindingly obvious to flying insects, no?

Honestly, they ask, how is it their fault if flies and moths just happen to have a compulsion about flying toward bright lights? Click the image to enlarge it.

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  1. The Spider as an Artist
    Has never been employed —
    Though his surpassing Merit
    Is freely certified

    By every Broom and Bridget
    Throughout a Christian Land —
    Neglected Son of Genius
    I take thee by the Hand —

    Emily Dickinson


  2. hi
    i really love your blog and pictures been reading every articles so far and like it
    was wondering witch camera you use ?
    and also if you have time you can check some pictures of my project at i try to shoot 604 strangers so far i have 115.
    dont give up ur blog i love it 🙂


    • You’re got a great blog idea and you photos are crisp and memorable; really encourages a person to pause and think about all those “strangers”.

      My camera is a Pentax/Richoh WG-3: 16 MP, back-illuminated CMOS sensor & 4x zoom. It was the best and most indestructible point-and-shoot that I could afford.


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