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No parking signs would be better than these

November 13, 2014
Ha Ha! They said "abutting".

Ha Ha! They said “abutting”.

If you’re planning to visit my beautiful neighbourhood of Fairview by automobile, please be advised that as far as driving is concerned getting here is all the fun. Good luck finding a place to park!

Sometimes I wonder why buildings even bother putting up “No Parking” signs in the Fairview neighbourhood. It’s clear to everyone with eyes that there’s never anywhere to park — it goes without saying, as they say.

Perhaps they’re only complying with a law because when many of Fairview’s building managers feel this need to repeat the obvious they obviously couldn’t care less if people can read or even see their signs.

Consider the first example of a “no parking” sign above. It’s small, set well back from the road and tucked under a low overhang. Worse than that it”s written like the fine print in a legal contract.

Who, I ask you, starts a sign with the words “as per”?

A building that’s hedging their bets


No more than a block away there appears to be a much more more directly worded sign saying “No Parking within 1.5 metres. Violators will be towed”.

I say “appears” because the sign is and always has been almost totally obscured by a well-groomed hedge.

Actually it appears like some building manager’s joke.

That’s because equal care has been taken to both position the sign and to keep the hedge trimmed so that only a tantalizing hint of it is ever visible.


At the bottom you can see a clear sign of neglect that I found yesterday on the eastern edge of Fairview.

It’s as if this building was somehow obliged a long time ago to put up a “no parking” sign in their parking lot. Once that was done they more or less washed their hands of it. Click the images to enlarge them.


Private property really does depend how you look at it.

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