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How to cheat on your blue bin recycling

November 17, 2014


The city of Vancouver’s weekly curbside garbage and recycling pickup system is a regular challenge for single family homeowners: will they remember the correct day to put out their recycling blue box and bags? Will they remember what goes where?

As a person who bins for returnable containers I root for residents to pass this weekly test but I’m no longer surprised how often they fail.

Over the weekend I discovered that one household on the leafy eastern edge of Fairview had gone so far as to cheat and write some of the test answers on the bottom of their recycling blue box:

  1. Blue bag only for newspaper.
  2. Yellow bag only paper + cardboard.
  3. Blue box for plastic containers + cans.

While this only makes good sense, I’ve never seen any other household do it. Clearly these people must be breaking a rule of some sort.

But I won’t report them to the city. On the one hand I’m not the boss of them and on the other, I’m sure the city administration just elected on November 15 won’t have time to deal with such trifles. They’ll be too busy getting up to speed with the changes since they last ran things, on November 14th. Click the image to enlarge it.

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