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No wonder the salmon looks surprised

November 17, 2014


This morning I encountered a rarity: a fish head — a salmon to be precise — sitting pretty as you please in the back alley on the east side of South Granville. Never seen one in an alley before. Wasn’t exactly sure where it may have come from.

Such a choice bit of seafood should have attracted its share of crows and seagulls (seagulls do still like the occasional taste of fish, just for old times sake).

And under normal circumstances it would have been covered in birds but in this case the outside temperature was such that I’m sure the fish head was frozen solid as a rock.

Some post-punk, post-traumatic stress?

I like a tidy alley as much as the next binner but I left the salmon head where It was.

There was no readily available open dumpster to throw it in and I thought that even in death it added a bit of much needed life to an otherwise drab alley.

I also read that the temperature was expected to get above freezing; meaning the crows and seagulls might yet get their chance to enjoy some fresh salmon.

And then there’s the Barnes and Barnes Fish Heads song from 1978: “Fish heads, fish heads: Roly-poly fish heads: Fish heads, fish heads: Eat them up, yum!”

Damn you Dr. Demento! Click the image to enlarge it.

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