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Rather pedestrian photograph of our rainy day

November 24, 2014


At about 4 p.m. this afternoon I was on West Broadway Avenue stopped in the westbound lane at the intersection with Cambie Street.

I had my camera ready so that when the light changed to green I could snap a few photos looking north towards the rush hour traffic on the Cambie Bridge.


I didn’t get the shot I wanted but I did document for posterity the “corner cutting” habit many people induldge in on the northeast side of the intersection.

When the crosswalk light changes to green, these people will begin crossing from the mouth of the alley in the middle of the block, taking a diagonal tack towards the marked crosswalk.

So maybe they’re only halfway jaywalking but I think they’re more than half at risk of being hit by cars turning right onto Cambie Street. Click the image to enlarge it.

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