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Fairview’s flame-grilled Grumman van

November 27, 2014

This aluminum Grumman van looks like a tin toy waiting to be played with.

Late Wednesday afternoon I was in the alley on the south side of West Broadway Avenue by Birch Street and stopped to admire an especially memorable old Grumman step van.

Grumman’s are distinctive enough as it is. This one, with it unmarked gray paint job and custom flaming grill, is unmistakably unique. I’ve seen it kicking around Fairview for years now.

As I paused to get a closer look and take some photos I had to watch out for the dribble of through-traffic awkwardly maneuvering around it.

Back alleys may be service roads but during the morning and evening rush hours, this alley which runs uninterrupted between Hemlock and Oak Street turns into something of a “seventh lane” for West Broadway.

This Grumman is a favourite old flame


This Grumman has belonged to its current owner, a plumber, for eight years now. When he bought it in 2006 it already had a hand-made grill cut with a flame design but he replaced it with one of his own manufacture which, he explained, was made to fit the truck perfectly.

It certainly does. Click the images to enlarge them.


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