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A cry over broken glass

November 28, 2014

What’s become of a big glass tabletop left beside a dumpster.

Two days ago a tenant in a Fairview apartment on 10th Avenue threw out a coffee table — I’m guessing.

I also guess the base fit in the building’s dumpster. I didn’t see it anywhere and I didn’t bother looking because there was a large, thick, circular plate glass table top leaning against the dumpster that hadn’t been there the day before.

I didn’t try to put the heavy round of glass into the dumpster; I kept my distance. I wasn’t going to be the one who knocked it over. But somebody was.

Yesterday, instead of one big piece of circular plate glass, there were innumerable shards and jagged chunks of plate glass on the ground, covering a more-or-less circular area in front of the dumpster.

Preventable accidents will happen

Aww, the plate glass fell over and broke. Let me guess.

The collection truck came and lifted the dumpster to empty it, or a dumpster diver pushed the glass aside so they could hunt through the garbage, or a raccoon farted on the glass and…

One way or another, an “accident” happened.

Someone has since pushed the broken shards, as with a shoe, to form a sort of “drift” of broken glass against the dumpster.

I would encourage people not to leave glass out like that; it breaks too easily and when it does it makes a mess and flattens tires and hurts the feet of critters.

People often leave returnable glass wine and beer bottles beside their dumpsters or blue bins. I know they do this to help us binners and we all appreciate the consideration but really, we’re fine.

Please put all your returnable containers inside the Container blue bins. It’s safer and tidier. And we’ll still find them — we have to look in the blue bins anyways. Click the image to enlarge it.

One Comment
  1. When I was at Onsite we’d watch the same bin get hit over and over throughout the day. It’d get hit, someone would clean it, hit again, street again and this could cycle over and over for the many months I was there.

    People tried their best to keep it clean. Often the police come, and people scatter. But often we’d see biners come back and clean up when the cops left. Despite their best efforts however, the rats seemed to be the only winner on that bin. I wrote off bining till I spent time with my friend Aaron, a seasoned bro. In one evening he’d collected computers, money, pot, HD DVD players new in the box ( still worth less lol ) but he clearly had done some serious research.

    Anyhow, cheers

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