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Who doesn’t love free money on the street?

December 5, 2014


For about the last hour I’ve been sitting in a McDonald’s on West Broadway Avenue, feeding myself and my laptop (french fries for me, electric current for the laptop).

At one point I was half reading comments on my blog and half watching out the window onto West Broadway as passengers boarded a number 9 Boundary bus.

The last passenger through before the doors closed dropped a shiny polymer ten dollar bill.

For a good New York minute I sat in McDonald’s as the money sat there on the sidewalk.


I roused myself to get the cash.

The bus still hadn’t pulled away from the curb when I stood up holding the tenner. I looked at the driver, fully expecting that he would open the doors and that the woman who dropped the money would be right there to receive her property back.

None of that happened.

I looked the bus driver right in the eye before he turned his attention towards pulling his bus out into traffic.

I stood there dumbly holding the ten dollar bill as I absorbed this unexpected plot twist,

A woman in passing smoothly exclaimed, “you gotta love that!”

Yes. You do.

Unless you dropped it. Click the image to enlarge it.

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  1. It's those slippery polymers permalink

    The new polymer bills are just so slippery that they’re falling to the ground that much more often.

    I’ve found 2 five dollar bills this way, and a ten dollar bill that was neatly folded into quarters. It was right at the curb and even with the crowds downtown at Granville & Robson, everyone was walking by it. I spotted Sir John A. Macdonald’s face and picked it up.

    I’ve also found 5 unused, still attached permanent postage stamps on the ground, lying adhesive side up. That was a fluke as it as lightly raining, and any later, the stamps would have been soggy.

    • A few months ago I received a poly five dollar bill in change and noticed later that a square-ish piece was torn off one corner (don’t know why I didn’t photograph it). So as tough as the polymer bills are they will still tear. That’s in addition to being both slippery and (cashiers complain) tending to stick together.

      Plus all the Prime Ministers on the ply bills have the worst haircuts ever!

  2. Polymers not so strong permalink

    Interesting. I have yet to see a torn polymer bill myself.

    Cashiers must also find it annoying to always make sure polymer bills stay in the register. Polymer bills that have been previously folded don’t stack all that nicely.

    Ha! I never noticed their new haircuts. Sir John A. Macdonald has gotten younger looking.

    At least we’re rid of the penny now and they are no longer on the ground everywhere.

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