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A day in the clichéd life of chickens

December 10, 2014

Time off for good behaviour or a slow-motion prison escape?

Yesterday I ran into the same backyard chickens from my post in August but this time, rather than being cooped up, they were wandering around free as you please in the back alley.

Contrary to expectations, after the four chickens in total flew the coop, they didn’t immediately start running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Instead they strutted their stuff for a while and then they all calmly crossed the road.

When I left then they were in the process of seeing what was on the other side.

Eventually I’m sure they all chickened out and finally came home to roost. Click the image to enlarge it.

  1. Slowcrow permalink

    Please don’t think backyard chickens as being prisoners. Chickens are a wonderful and smart creature, more entertaining than most dogs (and all television). They are a matriarcal society, and regardless of what some dumb ‘animal lovers’ say, the hens are very placid and gentle, but great hunters and warriors (although they seem to recognize the value in letting the rooster do the fighting, IF possible.) 😉 Don’t forget the goat justice league of Seattle. Now THAT’s progress! Natural born mulchers……

    • Don’t worry. I’m just winding them up. Although I sat there and considered whether I was seeing a jail break I decided they were just out out to stretch their legs. But am I the only one that worries about coyotes?

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