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Toy makers have a super idea

December 17, 2014


In the mahogany-paneled boardroom of a multinational maker of playthings, executives toy with a new idea:

“As you all know, each action figure we produce is made up of a certain number of parts. Any time one or more of those parts is rejected due to a flaw — say, a head without an eyebrow or a foot missing its heel — then we are left, in effect, with excess parts for an incomplete action figure — parts which we cannot sell!

“Previously we have accepted this as an unfortunate but unavoidable cost of doing business.

“You’ve all heard Perkins’ novel idea for packaging and selling the incomplete figures as ‘differently-abled superheroes’ or ‘Agents of D.A.S.H’. Now I’d like you all to listen to what Harjit from Sales has come up with. We think it might be just the answer we’ve been looking for.

“She calls it ‘Mashers’…”


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