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Monday’s dry run for spring was almost flawless

January 26, 2015

Monday’s “Ode to Spring” was the kind of spectacle Vancouverites love to see.

Much thanks to whatever troupe was responsible for Monday’s beautiful spring dress rehearsal.

From the morning’s curtain-raising chorus of a pair (the pair?) of returning Canada geese, all the way through to the salmon-tinged sunset, it was a nearly flawless performance.

By early afternoon everything clicked and I could’ve sworn I was enjoying a real spring day in the last week of January.

I have no doubt that it was warmly received by audiences throughout the city. Bravo to everyone  involved!

One little cloud in an otherwise bright spring sky


What is this people, a Cumulolimpus cloud?

I almost hesitate to mention it but there was one little hitch that occurred late in the afternoon.

At about 5 p.m. some set dresser rolled out a blue sky backdrop that featured as its central detail something that looked far more like a smear of dripping paint than any kind of cloud.

It was so rushed that the paint appeared to still be wet!

But that, after all, is why we have these dress rehearsals; to iron out all the little kinks ahead of time and insure that when the curtain goes up for real on March 20 we will enjoy a truly perfect spring. Click the images to enlarge them.

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