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February 7, 2015



A large disaster nearly befell me in McDonald’s today but he caught himself in time.

I’m referring to a young fellow who wandered into the restauramt at about 6:30 p.m. Tall and lumpy with chubby cheeks and black-dyed hair, wearing an aisle’s-worth of thrift store clothing, all of it on the dark side.

From the neck up at least, he reminded me of the musician Jack White.

He had a backpack, a shoulder bag, two cloth shopping bags and a skateboard.

He couldn’t stop talking to himself.

His personal space was an almost visible cloud of Axe body spray, mental confusion and funk music emanating from some mechanical orifice on his person.

At first he just wandered aimlessly about the restaurant but it soon developed that he had been drawn by the sight of the soft drink dispenser located on the customer side of the counter and the prospect of free soda pop.

His attempt to sneak a drink cup out of the garbage was hampered by his monologuing and musical accompaniment, not to mention that he was the tallest and bulkiest person in the restaurant.

It worked in his favour though that no one behind the counter cared the slightest bit about what he was doing.

Armed with his syrup-titiously acquired free drink he settled his entire ambiance one seat away from me.

He sipped his sugar water, rummaged in his bags, argued with himself and quietly sang along with the music which, sadly, wasn’t all in his head.

For all that, I just knew that he would try to talk to me.


“Excuse me sir?”

I acknowledged his existence with a turn of my head in his direction.

“Do you have any tiny screws?”

“No”, I told him, truthfully.

He paused.

“Do you have a tiny screwdriver?” he asked.

I lied that I didn’t with a slight shake of my head.

“I have Disney sunglasses”, he explained, “but I don’t like the character they make me play. I only try to wear them occasionally.

“It’s a dire situation”.

Then the static drowned out the sense.

After a few more minutes of aimlessly going through his bags, touching this that and the other thing, he left the restaurant.

Just another young man, obviously dazed and confused, unlike many of the rest of us who do a better job of hiding the fact.

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  1. Slowcrow permalink

    Off topic, yes.still very bothered by the dead cats and kittens pix. No doubt overly sensitive. Do not get the point, but guess its a spay/neuter promo. Can’t tweet, can’t get involved in the conversation. Will miss reading your blog.

    • What dead cats and kittens pix? Please explain.

      I have never posted such images to either my blog or my Twitter account. I double checked and no, there aren’t even any cats in the Love & Rockets video appended to this post.

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