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A bottle of Primitivo wine with heart

February 14, 2015


As a person who collects returnable beverage containers for their deposit value, aka, a binner, I can’t say that I love heavy wine bottles (their heft belies their lightweight 10-cent deposit value) but today (February 14) I found a bottle that I at least loved for its looks.

The front of the bottle  was emblazoned with a large red heart — an honest-to-goodness piece of glazed ceramic that was glued onto the 750 ml glass bottle.

Something special for red wine lovers I guess


The heart was embossed with expressions of love and affection that people around the world use everyday — not just on Valentine’s Day — such as “Te Quiero” (Spanish) and “je t’aime” (French); both meaning “I love you”.

The bottle was originally filled with a red Primitivo wine ( another name for Zinfandel) and that’s all I can say about the contents because, being in a rush, I didn’t snap a photo of the paper label on the back of the bottle, which probably listed the maker.

Gotta love my attention to detail. Click the image to enlarge it.

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