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A beautiful start to the week, I thought

February 16, 2015


This morning’s sunrise looked particularly impressive, I thought.

I watched most of it from the rooftop parking lot of the Toys “R” Us store on West Broadway Avenue.

The sun was assisted to very good effect by two layers of clouds: long streaks of white vapour which both reached towards the viewer like fingers and seemed to radiate away from the rising sun like a nimbus. And for necessary contrast, there was a dark, brooding zig-zag of a cloud in the foreground stretching across the horizon.

It was a good show and, I thought, a great way to start the week.And furthermore it reinforced my feeling that spring was here in all but name.

But I would think things like that, wouldn’t I?

Weekends and weekdays are just people things, along with the idea of seasons.

Nature certainly can’t distinguish between work and play and I have trouble believing that it ever does anything just for effect. Sunrises and sunsets and everything in between just happen as a matter of course.

If a flower blooms in the meadow and no one is there to see it, who can say that it’s beautiful?

Beauty, I fear, is just another pleasant human delusion.

Perhaps I’m wrong though and nature is as alive to these abstract ideas as we are.

In which case I should just say thank you for this morning and be done with it. Click the image to enlarge it.

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