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Paint-by-number woodwork should be a “thing”

February 27, 2015


For a brief moment this afternoon I thought maybe I’d struck it rich and found a hitherto unknown Group of Seven painting.

Then I realized that I wasn’t looking at an “A.Y. Jackson” or a “Lawren Harris” but rather a piece of artfully painted plywood.

Someone, not content to simply see sheep and goats in the passing clouds, had turned their attention instead toward this rectangle of engineered softwood and imagined an entire landscape — lake, sky, clouds and setting sun — all lined out in the swirling contours of the wood grain.

They had simply added the necessary colours to bring out the intelligent design.

The result isn’t a painting so much as a fun paint-by-number woodworking project.

Keep in mind that I may actually have it upside down. Click the image to enlarge it.

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  1. ~xtian permalink

    long time no squee

    • Indeed. Nice to be sqween. I hope you’ve been okay and all that.

      • ~xtian permalink

        Still alive alive alive-o.

        I went through my Rum Phase. Now it’s all about Stoli and being a PITA. With cheese.

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