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Still looking for the right angle to get this shot

March 10, 2015


Yesterday morning I took another bunch of photographs from a spot in an alley I’d almost given up taking photos from.

I’m referring to a spot between the streets Alder and Spruce, in the alley on the north side of West Broadway Avenue; with Alder at my back and Spruce ahead of me. This has me looking east, straight at the chisel-tipped side profile of the Broadway Centre, a soaring 19-storey concrete tower built between 1972 and 1974 in the once-popular Brutalist architectural style.

Yesterday’s photos were easily the best of some 20 previous shoots but still failed to get what I’ve been aiming to capture.

Alley views are mostly repetitions on the theme of right angles. My fascination with this view is the additional repetition of 45° angles — in the cut of the top of the Broadway Centre and the steel under-braces on the wooden utility pole braces.

However, on either side of midday, the light has either been too bright or not bright enough to capture the significant details the way I would like.

There must be a window of opportunity at least few seconds long in the day somewhere but I’ve yet to find it. Click the image to enlarge it.

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