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Friday’s reality outages in Fairview

March 15, 2015


Friday afternoon in a Fairview back alley up by Heather Street I came across quite a technical glitch, in the form of a terribly pixelated fence.

Fully a year after we were promised by Version Control that the entire Fairview neighbourhood had been upgraded to high definition, here was an unmistakable patch of 1990s-era VGA resolution.

“Oh dear, I think you’ll find reality’s on the blink again”


It’s weird when the display on a person’s smart phone is in higher resolution than the neighbourhood they live in.

One of three things had clearly happened: F.V.C. had missed a few spots, or they were experiencing some sort of temporary system difficulty or I was just seeing an unfortunate spot of one-off bit rot.

However, just few kilometres away from the low-resolution wooden fence I came across a faulty dog.


This was on Cambie Street, right on the eastern edge of Fairview — a sort of mastiff had obviously crashed in mid-redraw so that while most of the mutt was properly ray traced, one of its back legs was barely wire-framed.

These two instances, kilometres away from each other, pointed to systemic rather than local problems, which probably means that some aspect of Fairview was being upgraded. Click the images to enlarge them.

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