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Squirrels are what they eat (usually nuts)

March 18, 2015


Earlier this afternoon I encountered a well-adjusted squirrel; the first I think I’ve ever seen.

The glossy brown critter may have been too intent on what it was eating to notice me at first. I managed to get a mere three feet away from it before it even looked up at me. And when it did, it calmly kept right on eating; only when it finished did it duck out of sight under a gate.

Would squirrels perhaps benefit from the DASH diet?


At no point did it act the least bit squirrelly — you know, freezing like a statue or doing a double-take or frantically running around in circles before dashing up the nearest wooden utility pole.

I may have been seeing the flip side to “you are what you eat”, which is to say that whatever this little squirrel was eating, it wasn’t eating nuts. Click the image to enlarge it.

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