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Friend still has feelings for his old flame Crystal but prefers Mary Jane now

April 3, 2015


Over breakfast this morning a homeless friend was explaining some misadventure from a few days ago that involved the Downtown Eastside and he made a passing reference to buying crystal meth while he was down there.

And then, as if his story had just jogged his own memory, he looked up and declared: “I still have it!”

He fished a little zip-lock baggie out of a pocket to show me and in truth he still had half of it.

Originally, he explained, he had paid CAD$30 for half a gram of the stuff and he had already used half of that, leaving him a quarter gram.

He explained that originally the product in the bag was in larger chunks (or shards) and that pocket action alone had broken it up but that to snort it he had to deliberately crush it down to a fine powder until it truly resembled what he liked to call it: “dummy dust”.

Not my bag and increasingly not my friend’s either


Very nearly actual size.

While I only think of crystal methamphetamine as being useful for keep binners wide-eyed and awake for days and days of obsessive dumpster diving — my friend described it as a “love drug” and pointed to the red hearts printed on the bag.

Meaning that he always wants to be with a woman when he does meth. As this rarely ever happens, he explained, the focus of his meth high invariably shifts from being horny to being introspective.

When he does crystal meth by himself, he told me, it tends to make him examine his life “very intellectually”.

Of course he had to admit that when the time came and he snorted the entire quarter gram, it would leave him “ripped” and wide awake for three days”.

A half hour later, however, he had another thought.

He calculated that he could very easily sell the quarter gram bag of meth for $20 and then use that money to buy four $5 baggies of marijuana.

Weed not only helps keep him off hard drugs it mellows him out and helps him sleep.

Drug is the love he was looking for

It says something important about drug addiction in general that a homeless people without any means of support besides collecting returnable beverage containers (like my friend here), might spend an entire day collecting something like 600 aluminum pop cans in order to buy a miniscule zip-lock bag of poisonous coup de poudre — a mystery mixture of reconstituted ephedrine and who knows what — battery acid, drain cleaner, lantern fuel, antifreeze?

I can’t see the allure of it — at all!

For all its sheer “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” factor, I agree with people who have compared drug addiction to being deeply in love.

When the love is gone

This little story also says something specifically about my homeless friend’s drug addictions; namely that the honeymoon appears to be over.

He already weaned himself off crack cocaine a few years ago and now I think it would be fair to say that he can increasingly take or leave crystal meth, with the ultimate goal of leaving it for good.

He deserves most of the credit of course but I know of no one living on the streets who has successfully broken their addiction to street drugs without turning to marijuana.

Ten years of living on the streets has convinced me that governments do constant harm to society by lumping toxic brain-destroying street drugs like crack, meth and opioids together with the comparatively harmless marijuana.

People do die from overdoses of crack and crystal meth and heroin all the time but, up until 2014, there had never been an officially recorded instance of a death from marijuana consumption.

It’s only fair to point out that after over 6,000 years of recorded human history, a coroner in Bournemouth, England, last year, ruled that a 31-year-old woman died as a result of cannabis toxicity.

However it has been believed and continues to be believed in medical circles (outside Bournemouth) that it is impossible to have a toxic overdose of marijuana.

And two of the largest-ever studies on marijuana and mortality couldn’t even find evidence that smoking marijuana could be harmful on a par with smoking cigarettes: marijuana smokers did not die sooner than non-marijuana smokers.

Basically, marijuana smoking can’t kill outright and there’s no such thing as a fatal marijuana overdose.

Of the 2,596,993 deaths in the United States in 2013, exactly zip, zero, nil, nada (which is to say none) were from marijuana use.

A gate swings both ways

In response to this truth, governments have spent nearly a century promoting the big lie that marijuana, harmless in itself, is a gateway drug that inevitably leads to the use of  “harder” deadly drugs.

And bicycles are gateway rides to Harleys and Vancouver, B.C. is the gateway to the Pacific Rim.

Why haven’t government’s been saying the same thing about about cigarettes and alcohol — especially alcohol? — being drunk is a gateway to all manner of stupid behaviour (like smoking cigarettes)!

Every drug addict I’ve known has believed (and often successfully acted on the belief) that marijuana is the gateway leading away from hard drugs. Click the images to enlarge them.

  1. Reblogged this on cannabisdaze and commented:
    Pot heals and brings us together.


  2. Slowcrow permalink

    6000 per day? Are you serious? Oh, and your friend sounds like a smart man. And don’t forget, regular welfare folks 60 and over, qualify for the bus pass deal that the disabled people get. Some times a change (a bit of a road trip :)) is as good as a rest.


    • Oops, it’s only 600 for $30. I will amend the post.

      My friend is smart which tells me something about the lure and hook of street drugs. He knows meth does him no good but he still can’t quite stay away from it and mind, it has taken him a decade to get to this point. Unfortunately, after over 10 years of using I would be kidding to say that that he hasn’t suffered some permanent neurological damage — he’ll always be too paranoid and aggressive for his own good and he knows it.

      My friend may credit meth with making him introspective but I think he is very perceptive in spite of the drug. In any case, while he’s been going around in circles through the back alleys, he’s managed to make a long personal journey of self-discovery.


  3. Stanley, in another time and place you would have devotees placing marigolds at your feet. Guess you’ll just have to make do with your internet followers.


    • I love my followers. Checking the dashboard of my blog is like coming home to friends. And anyway I’ve read what they did to the last guy who gathered a crowd of devotees and disciples.


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