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A featureless grey stew of a day

April 10, 2015

A triple exposure put some colour in the cheeks of this view of wet newspaper boxes.

Late this afternoon, as I left the comforts of the Waves Coffee House at the corner of Spruce Street and West Broadway Avenue in order to join my homeless brothers and sisters in the rain, I looked for some striking visual image that could tell the world “it’s raining in Vancouver”.

This proved to be waste of time.

To be perfectly honest, there is nothing intrinsically interesting about water (which is largely invisible) falling out of a pumice-grey sky onto similarly-hued asphalt and concrete.

Taking photos in the rain is a lot like cooking with squash. One is good at carrying flavour and the other is good at reflecting colour but neither are very good on their own. Unless you include other ingredients to add the flavour and colour, the results will almost certainly be featureless and bland.

They were bland late this afternoon and so I gave up, and then it stopped raining altogether for a while and then it got dark, which can be a completely different kind of bland. Click the image to enlarge it.

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