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Doggone it, that’s just weird!

April 11, 2015

Even the dog looks shocked.

The old, baroque-en-down dog stature sitting guard duty outside of a curio shop on Cambie Street is unreal to begin with but it seems to get a little stranger every time I see it. I already featured its preposterous posterior in a previous post but apparently that wasn’t the end of this plaster pooch (and its owners) messing with my head. Now it’s been styled with sort of Chia Pet hairpiece.

This weirdness is being deliberately perpetrated on the dog (and the passers-by) by the proprietors of the second hand store — just has to be.

It’s harmless enough, diluted as it is by the everyday normalcy of the outside world but it tells me that the inside the store must be packed wall-to-wall with intense madness and similar objets d’mentia.

I dare not go in, for fear that I may never want to come out. Click the dog to enlarge it.

  1. Slowcrow permalink

    Yeah, it’s probably a portal……. Bet his name is Ernie, he does look kinda earnest.


  2. Just found this blog, interesting and I intend to keep following.


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