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We love our Fairview geese — all two of them

April 13, 2015

A big honkin’ Branta canadensis maxima.

Last week, when I was looking at the newly relocated stature of Rick Hansen on the grounds of the Vancouver General Hospital at 10th Avenue, I also ran across what I took to be one of the Fairview neighbourhood’s two resident Canada geese, either Lucy or Diamond (I can’t actually tell them apart).

I’m referring, of course, to the famous pair of mated Canada geese that return to Vancouver every spring in order to spend their summers especially (but not exclusively) lazing around on the west side of South Granville Street.

They particularly prefer the area around the Vancouver School Board at 10th Avenue and Fir Street, where they meander around cropping the grass or just sit on their butts — sometimes right in the middle of 10th Avenue (and when it comes to honking at cars, trust me, these delightful birds can give as good as they get).

Last year my friend the Green Guy (who loves them like he loves all critters) decided to name the pair Lucy and Diamond after some obscure song he likes and I really do believe he could pick the two of them out of a whole flock of geese.

The loosey-goosey way I see geese


Geese aren’t much for facial expressions. They prefer body language and noise.

To be honest, I don’t have a good memory for faces, not where Canada geese are concerned. I realize that it sounds speciest but they truly all look the same to me — like Canada geese, I guess.

Or at least, since last year, they all look to me like two particular Canada geese.

Thus, I take it as a given that it was Lucy and Diamond that I saw returning to Fairview a few weeks ago, just like I’m absolutely positive that last week I watched Lucy chewing up some lawn near the intersection of Heather St and 10th Avenue — unless it was Diamond (they really could be twins!). Click the images to enlarge them.


Why gooseneck lamps are called that.


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  1. Sandra permalink

    Their little beady eyes are so beautiful! Like your friend green guy, I love all creatures big and small!


    • Canada geese are pretty awesome. They’re real personalities and the fact that they mate for life tells me that they can love each other; certainly they love their summer holidays in Vancouver and they must really love flying up near the jet stream at 20,000 feet!


  2. Slowcrow permalink

    Yes! Amazing to stand outside on a COLD, bright night, and hear the distant honking of many geese, MILES above us, as they encourage each other to keep up the pace, with many miles to go. Kinda like the dragon boats, in a way, but not those shortish bursts of speed. We are the crabs on the bottom of a different ocean, in a way…… :|. Totally awesome!!!:)


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