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I loved the berry wet day we had

April 23, 2015

A shining example of what I’m talking about.

Only as the day began to shade into evening did the grey clouds finally give way so that the sun might set in a blue sky. That was good of the clouds, I thought but they could afford to be generous; they had completely owned the past day and by all accounts they would reign supreme again on the morrow.

Did I write reign? I meant rain because that’s what we got from the clouds all day, not that I’m complaining.

They can rain on my parade all they like, I don’t mind, in fact I love it.

 Rain accentuates the positive, including the positively dull


Rain does what it can with the dull grey of a city street.

I love riding my bicycle in the rain. I love the slishhh sound the bike tires make as they roll, seemingly frictionless, through the wet streets. I love the way the drops of water cool my over-heated bare legs as I cover the 12 to 20 km of back alleys in my search for returnable beverage containers. I certainly appreciate how there are always fewer other binners doing the same whenever the rain falls hard.

And while I’m riding around, I enjoy witnessing the play of rain on nature in the neighbourhoods.

Rain can heighten the reality of everything it touches. During the day it can do little with the human-made city except accentuate its bland greyness but rain always brings out something special in plants.


Rain is at its “berry” best with growing plants — they were made for each other.

Water lays on top of and runs off of concrete and asphalt but — from the smallest blades of grass and blossom petals to the mightiest moss-covered trees — it enfolds living plants in a beautiful embrace of  liquid crystal that heightens their colours and makes them seem that much more alive to me.

It helps that I know this water is life-giving and that the plants are drinking it all in.

I drink it  in also — certainly the sight of it but as much as I do love the rain I also love it when the clouds part and the sun comes out to make the water droplets dance with reflected light.

And I’m not a duck, after all. I love that I get the chance to dry out once in a while! Click the images to enlarge them.

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