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Oh Canada goose!

April 23, 2015

Honk if you love Canada! A goose perched on the roof of 1482 West Broadway.

Gaggles of Canada geese arrive with all the fanfare of a traffic jam. A large skein of the angry (sounding) birds woke me with their loud honking last Friday morning as they flew in over False Creek.

There are now pairs of them all over the Fairview neighbourhood — more than usual, I think.


“Honk honk” replies the goose atop 1490 West Broadway.

I’ve seen Canada geese sunning themselves on the grounds of the Vancouver General Hospital at 10th Avenue by Willow Street, roaming the green space in front of the Vancouver School Board at Fir Street and 10th and I’ve witnessed them languidly lounging in little Choklit Park on 7th Avenue and Spruce Street.

And this morning I watched and listened to a pair of them as they alighted opposite each other, here-and-there, atop the two biggest buildings on the southeast corner of West Broadway Avenue and South Granville Street.

They were loudly discussing (or arguing) about something — where to eat perhaps or which of the two of them loved the other the best.

We should all be thankful that Canada geese don’t know about cell phones. Click the images to enlarge them.

I'm not sure which of them got the last word.

I’m not sure which of them got in the last word.

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