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Sign of another hit and run at Manitoba and Broadway

April 28, 2015


Both Columbia and Manitoba Street on the south side of the intersection with West Broadway Avenue are theoretically blocked to southbound motor vehicle traffic by well-marked traffic diverters.

Tuesday afternoon (April 28), the Manitoba Street island’s “no entry” sign lay nearly flattened; its steel pole almost sheared off at the base (note: I originally identified it as the traffic diverter a block west on Columbia — so sorry).

The war between motorists and cyclists is endlessly diverting


A southbound cyclist rides through the traffic diverter and past the prone signage.

The traffic diverter — a concrete example of the city’s determination to calm the speeding traffic coming off the highway-like West Broadway Avenue into the child and pet-filled Mount Pleasant neighbourhood — is a low island in the southbound lane of Manitoba Street, on the south side of the alley paralleling the south side of West Broadway.

The island is designed to allow two-way bicycle traffic but only one-way northbound motor vehicle traffic coming out of the neighbourhood.

Southbound cars and trucks are supposed to be diverted into the alley but far too many drivers choose to ignore the traffic diverter altogether and drive right over it. But at least the majority of them do so without incident.

This is actually the first time I’ve seen the Manitoba diverter damaged but its only been a little over 17 months since a driver mowed down the signage on the Columbia diverter.

One fine day, one of these impatient, selfish drivers will hit more than just signage in their blind haste to get to the stop lights at 12th Avenue. Click the images to enlarge them.

The city has already Looking south at the freshly fixed Manitoba Street diverter.

Looking south at the freshly fixed Manitoba Street diverter.

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