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Wednesday was warm and bunny, I mean sunny

May 6, 2015


A rare day our Wednesday (May 6) — one entirely free of precipitation!

By Tuesday, Vancouver had been on the receiving end of some kind of rainstorm every day for something near a week. The regularity and the quantity of rain that each storm carried reminded me of the “unit trains” from my youth: those seemingly endless strings of grain hopper cars that carried Saskatchewan’s wheat out of province to a hungry world.

It’s beyond me why nature does what it does — ships fresh water thousand of kilometres only to effectively dump it in the Pacific  Ocean — and I no more understand when it doesn’t.

All I can do is take each day the way nature serves it up and make the most of it.

Cloud gazing: the lapin of luxury on a sunny day


Three quick exposures and the rabbit is already looking a little dissolute.

Wednesday was certainly easy to take: warm sun, blue skies and the kind of fluffy white billowing clouds that act like modelling clay on my imagination.

Sure enough, in the middle of the afternoon, I looked up to see a cloud piled high in the northern sky over Oak Street at 10th Avenue that looked undeniably (to me) like a rabbit’s head, ears and all.

I couldn’t just stand there and gawk, I had to be quick like a bunny in order to capture what I fancied I could see overhead; such cloud forms are so fleeting — hare one minute and gone the next.

Seeing a rabbit in the sky might seem strange to some but it certainly made a nice change from having it rain cats and dogs. Click the images to enlarge them.

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