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Cat on and in a hot tin roofers’ dumpster

May 14, 2015


Yesterday I stopped to take some photos of this cat strutting along the top lip of a construction dumpster in a Fairview back alley. Then I stayed to help it get out.

Gravity’s been around for years but cats still fall for it occasionally.

A chance encounter of the nervous kind

The high-sided dumpster was positioned flush with a cedar-fenced property on the south side a Fairview back alley. It was there to catch waste from roof work and other renovations and it took up as much space in the lane as a parked cube van, if not the space of the single car garage you could park the cube van in.

I didn’t see the woman walking eastward towards me and she didn’t see me until she popped into sight around the corner of the dumpster.

The woman stopped, took one look at me, followed my gaze to the cat and raised and waved an arm. Whether her intent was to greet or ward off the cat perched over her head wasn’t clear but the high-stepping feline immediately slipped from view.

I came, I saw, I clambered


Oh, don’t look at me. I didn’t do anything.

I could hear the cat me-yowling from inside but I had to climb a ladder welded to the outside of one of the dumpster’s walls in order to see it.

It fixed me with a wary gaze as it prowled sure-footed but uncertainly among shallow construction waste — mostly lumber: plywood and two-by-fours studded with long rusty nails.

Whether the cat was capable of jumping the necessary seven feet to regain the lip of the dumpster and its freedom was a question but I didn’t wait for the answer. I climbed the opposite side and reached for a long slim plank that was already leaning on an angle against the inside wall. I could just reach it if I leaned in — teeter-totter-style on my pelvis — like a real dumpster diver.



All I did was pull the end of the plank up a bit and get down and out of the way. By the time I was on the ground the cat was out of trouble and standing on the lip again. It may have used the plank as a ramp or simply made the jump.

From the dumpster the cat stepped smoothly to the top of a cedar fence and then along the fence under greenery heavy with pink blossoms.

And then it slipped from view — again. Click the images to enlarge them.



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  1. Sandra permalink

    This cat looks too well kept to be feral. Perhaps this was the woman’s cat. In any event, YOU saved the poor baby from being trapped in the dumpster!!!!! YAHHH…. such a wonderful story. As a rescuer and animal rights activist……….this warms my heart!. 🙂 You are indeed a good man!


    • Certainly was a beautiful cat. I’m sure that you are right about it not being feral but I’m also quite that sure it wasn’t the woman’s either. And you have to admit to the good possibility that it jumped out all by itself. But no how could I have just left it in there!


  2. Sandra permalink

    I am happy that you did not just leave the cat to struggle to get out. When we can help we should do so. 🙂


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