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Knot really an owl but don’t tell the crow

May 23, 2015


Thursday afternoon I was looking to catch a dumpster-diving crow in flight but instead it appears that I caught it trying to stare down a tree trunk that looked remarkably like a giant owl.

This was in an alley on the east side of Cambie Street, south of 16th Avenue. I had tried, unsuccessfully, to capture the crow as it made several dives into an open dumpster; always popping out empty-beaked.

Crows are impatient birds when it comes to results, so I expected it to give up on the dumpster and head for higher ground in search of fresh opportunity.

Crows are also lazy, or sparing of their effort, if you will.

A tall cedar fence was just a hop from the top of the dumpster and from there it was only a slightly bigger jump to the roof of a detached garage — an irresistible set of easy steps for a crow I thought and several more opportunities for me to try and photograph it in flight as it made the short hops.

The crow obligingly hopped and I snapped but I was just too slow. That left me waiting for one last chance when the crow finally flew away from the roof of the garage. I waited but the crow just stood there, perfectly still, as if it was looking at something.

Looks can be deceiving


I finally grew tire of waiting for the crow to take off and instead I took off, for the bottle depot — but not before I took one last photograph.

In it, the crow looks transfixed by something; staring off into the middle distance, the way cats sometimes do.

I don’t know what the crow is actually looking at — I don’t think thay it’s looking at the tree but it looks like it is, doesn’t it?

And I know that the tree doesn’t really look like an owl but it seems to look like that in the photo, thanks to a one-off trick of the light.

And, owl be darned! It also looks like I managed to get something good after all, doesn’t it? Click the images to enlarge the photos.

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