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Roots in the neighbourhood

June 1, 2015


As I stopped to watch two painters at work on a Heather Street building at 17th Avenue today, I noticed this fairly rough-looking character — possibly a gardener or planter of some sort, also watching a little ways away from me.

He didn’t appear to realize that he was close enough to the work that his hoody was getting quite spattered with white paint. When I pointed this out to him however, his only reaction was to imperceptibly shrub his shoulders and continue sidewalk supervising.

And then he gave me such a dark look...

His expression was hard to read.

Perhaps I pressed the point a bit too hard; I don’t know — I was just trying to be helpful — but he ended up almost completely snubbing me;  only acknowledging me in order to fix me with very dark look indeed.

I think that he must’ve learned his manners living in the bush! Click the images to enlarge them.

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  1. The images you took were taken in front of a beauty spa featuring manicures and brow trims for men. I think he was simply waiting around for his appointment.

    • You’re right about the location. Perhaps his “leaf me alone” attitude was just the result of manly embarrassment at being seen waiting to get his roots done.

  2. dogtired permalink

    Will you be showing us his after makeover pics as well?

  3. Not a bad idea to include a bit of street fashion here. Remember the post with Daryl sporting a fedora? I loved that photo!

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