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A hazy shade of french fries

June 8, 2015


After the sun goes down it take a car’s headlights to illuminate the billowing gritty fog of deep fryer effluvium venting into the alley from the kitchen of the McDonald’s in the 1400 block of West Broadway avenue.

The pale wispy ghosts of French Fries Past haunt the mouth of the alley and assail the nostrils of passers-by only intermittently through the day but after the evening rush hour, when the mask of automobile exhaust from West Broadway Avenue has been largely pulled away, the stale smell of burnt oil can become strong enough to wrinkle noses.

At this point, the nearest place to this McDonald’s where you can’t smell the deep fryer is in the McDonald’s itself.

Inside the restaurant the air is constantly scrubbed, along with the stainless steel kitchen surfaces, so that the only evidence the place is largely about fried, re-fried and deep fried food comes persuasively packaged in the form of the bright, clean digital wall menu.

The more eloquent reminder is forcibly vented outside into the alley, where it meets with a mixed reaction.

Even as they’re heading for the front door of the clean-smelling restaurant, many adults walking by the alley will actually recoil from the smell venting from it — they want their deep-fried fix but they don’t want their noses rubbed in the fact.

Only kids ever seem to be the ones unconditionally lovin’ it.

Saturday evening, as I was outside the restaurant unlocking my bike, two youngsters walking by and through the inevitable fog wafting out from the alley.

One of them said something that I didn’t hear but I caught his friend’s reply:

“Yah”, he half-agreed as he stopped to let the aroma of fried things roll over him, “but it smells so good!” Click the image to enlarge it.

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  1. There’s something so satisfying in reading about a slice of life in your own neighborhood.

    • Thanks. Sometimes the haze in that alley really seems thick enough to slice. 🙂

      You’ve given me a good idea. I should try to do a post rounding up local Vancouver bloggers focusing on the 22 neighbourhoods.

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