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It was a hot day for me and maybe for this bee

June 15, 2015


When I stopped briefly in a back alley in Fairview this afternoon, it was to watch a bumbling bee going around in circles. The burly building manager who then stopped, did so in order to see what I was doing and then the white SUV slowed down in order  to maneuver around the two of us — but as the driver pulled by I saw him trying to get a look at whatever the fuss was about.

Late last summer I posted about another bumble bee acting this way; how there was every chance that it had been infected by a parasitic fly, Apocephalus borealis, that plants its eggs in bees and turns them into so-called zombees.

But today’s bee might’ve just as likely momentarily run out of steam.

When I left it, it had its wings extended and I thought that it might fly off at any moment.

Next time I see a bumble doing this on a hot day I promise I’ll do what I should’ve done today: I’ll dribble some water on the pavement, in case it’s tuckered out and thirsty — there are so few outdoor sources of water in the Fairview neighbourhood for humans, beasts or bumble bees. Click the image to enlarge it.

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  1. Slowcrow permalink

    Well, there are several ways to get a water source. 1. Appeal to the folks concerned with pollinator survival. 2. A ‘crowd-sourcing’ effort 3. Appeal to an off-shore church (I could be wrong, but Canadian churches seem mostly concerned with off-shore projects). I kinda thought access to potable water was some sort of U.N. concern. Maybe phone them up if you can find a phone…… 😐 but then, humans don’t count for much, it seems.


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