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Monday’s sunset, in case you missed it

August 20, 2015


“Oh look”, I said to myself Monday evening (August 17), “a sunset. Who knows when I’ll see another one of these. I’d better take a photograph”. And so I did.

At 9:30 p.m., as I walked my bike and trailer through the crosswalk on 12th Avenue at Oak Street, I paused long enough to snap a hurried (and slightly blurried) record of the phenomenon and then I completely forgot about it until just a few minutes ago.

But one of the nice things about digital photography is its long shelf life. Unlike an old silver nitrate photo, which would’ve surely gone stale by now, the digital photo still seems fresh enough to use, even after sitting unrefrigerated in my camera for three whole hot days! Click the image to enlarge it.

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  1. Slowcrow permalink

    Yes, ain’t the new technology amazing! But I still marvel at that Curtis guy who wandered the ‘new world’, in the 1800s, taking pix of the peoples already here…… BTW, I see Banksy has a new project, Dismalworld. Thanks for pointing him out to us, quite a few posts ago.

    • Slowcrow permalink

      Oops!! Sorry, senior moment! It’s Dismaland, NOT Dismalworld. Although there does seem to be such a site, not nearly as much ‘fun’ though. I had better go scarf down some gingko whatever i guess…. Brain cells r dyin’

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