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Figs again ripe for the picking — blackberries not so much

September 11, 2015
A squadron of blackberries.

A squadron of some of the better-looking blackberries.

This autumn’s blackberry crop appears to be proof that water doesn’t grow on trees — or bushes.

Perhaps it’s just my luck and my location but all the blackberry bushes that I’ve seen in different parts of the Fairview and Kitsilano neighbourhoods are bearing little in the way of plump, pickable berries.

It’s certainly not bad timing on my part though; the spiky vines are everywhere full of fruit. It’s just that comparatively little of it will ever be ripe and edible.

The majority of this year’s blackberries are over-cooked and under-done — tiny, black and shriveled on the vine — victims, I’m thinking, of the long hot dry summer.

A green fiig high overhead -- they really do ripen from the top of the tree down.

A highly-placed green fig — they really do ripen from the top of the tree down.

Fortunately for my sweet tooth, the bulk of the neighbourhood’s green fig trees are finally coming to fruition, right on schedule. Click the images to enlarge them.

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