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Colourful berries are for the birds — give me dull green figs

September 18, 2015


The green figs that are finally ripening, pretty much on schedule, on trees across the Fairview neighbourhood are soo sweet and delicious!

But I got to thinking that they could do with being a bit more interesting to look at. For all their undeniable mouth appeal, I had to admit,  they were a little too monochromatic for my taste.

Really! Green figs, growing on green branches and surrounded by big green leaves — bor-ing!

When a thing needs this much promotion we should worry


What got me thinking this way and why I mention it is because today, as I was patronizing one of the fig trees filling up with ripe fruit, I saw just what kind of autumn fare nature was getting ready for the birds.

Hedges near the fig tree were bursting with vivid little pinky-purple-blue berries — colourful enough in and of themselves but they were growing on fire engine red branches which were also festooned with contrasting glossy green leaves, themselves touched with brown and red hues.



At first glance I admit to being a little green with envy. What, I asked myself, was so special about the birds?

But then I thought about it. The birds were either really picky eaters, or the berries actually weren’t that good — they couldn’t be if they needed that big a sales pitch.


And the figs don’t need any special promotion; they kind of sell themselves to people, don’t they? They’re not only soft and juicy and sweetly delicious but they’re also not actually poisonous to human beings, like the colourful berries no doubt are.

I was such a bird-brain to ever be jealous. Click the images to enlarge them.

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