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Summer reflections as the shadow of winter approaches

September 21, 2015

Does this photo make my head look fat?

Monday was a beautiful day, a sunny day, a warm day; an autumn day to be thankful for — but an autumn day all the same.

It was about 1:30 p.m. and I was in the alley on the west side of Cambie Street, not far from King Edward Avenue, when I realized that I was receiving mixed messages — that the direct sunlight was satisfyingly hot on my skin but the air itself had a definite chill.

The clear blue sky and the blazing, hot sun notwithstanding, the day wasn’t the throwback to July that it appeared to be. It was more like one of Dickens’ March days,

The sun was summer and the air was autumn.

A beautiful sunburst finish

Aluminum diamond plate fenders throwing off a dazzling display in the sunshine.

Aluminum diamond plate throwing off a dazzling display in the sunshine.

I took the cool air as a hint of things to come and a warning to enjoy the luxurious heat of the sun while it lasts.

During the heavy reign of autumn, the heat of the sun will get weaker and weaker,until it’s all gone and then the fierce-looking glare will be nearly as cold as the shadows, where winter will be skulking, impatient for its turn.

Knowing all that was waiting somewhere just around the corner, I enjoyed the warm day immensely — whistling as best I could. Click the image to enlarge them.

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