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Dogs have waited long enough, they deserve a break today

September 23, 2015
Doggedly waiting outside of McDonald's.

Doggedly waiting outside of McDonald’s.

“They’re excited”, the man explained to me. He was referring to the two dogs waiting expectantly outside the McDonald’s, while he was inside, waiting for his order.

Shortly the man had what he came for and he collected his deliriously happy dogs and walked them away, out of sight.

The small coffee and bran muffin that he took with him was hardly enough to split three way (do dogs even drink coffee?) so any expectations the the dogs had for food were probably in vain.

Thing is, this is a sign of the times. I now see many morning people bringing their dogs with them to the McDonald’s off South Granville and I think that it’s time that McDonald’s got with the trend.

And by that, I mean that there should be something on the menu specifically for dogs.

McDonald’s offers a special kid’s meal right? So why not something like a dog’s breakfast (and a dog’s dinner after 11 a.m. in Canada)?

At least a doggie bag of something for our faithful minions!

Chicken McMinions: Kids would eat them up!

Chicken McMinions: Kids (and dogs) would eat them up!

If not breakfast then at least some sort of fido-friendly finger food. I’m thinking of something like the vegetable ink-printed chicken croquettes that I envisioned a few months ago when there was a Happy Meal toy tie-in with the Minions film.

Back in June, I watched how children of all ages (along with would-be Ebay sellers) flocked to McDonald’s to buy Minion toys. I saw how the overwhelming popularity of the hapless little yellow caplets cut across all demographic divisions and I noted the significant fact that for the Minions, McDonald’s dispensed with its normal rule of having “boy” and “girl” Happy Meal toys and was happy to have Minion toys as gender-neutral as the Minions themselves.

Clearly Minions were a new kind of franchise and so I imagined a new kind of promotion in the form of novelty croquettes, branded to look like Minions — through roll printing using vegetable inks, exothermic reaction, or actual heat branding, or whatever (it’s the job of science to figure these sorts of things out).

So I’m imagining a similar dog-specific treat, like the McMinion croquette: small, mess-less, easy to feed from the hand and delicious to dogs.

Deep fried food is exactly as good and bad for dogs as it is for people so perhaps such a treat.would be deep-fried and perhaps it wouldn’t be (See earlier reference to “job of science”).

Don’t you think that dog owners would be glad to have something like this to buy in order to to reward their patient pooches and wouldn’t the pooches just eat them up? Click the image to enlarge it.

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  1. Margaret permalink

    Yes, McDonald’s needs this, although some have said their menu is too wide-ranging already.

    One time I noticed a dog owner (although I didn’t know it at the time) wait patiently in line to pay at the Urban Fare downtown. He had some hard boiled egg slices from the salad buffet and simply had them on a napkin. He then went outside and gave them all to his waiting dog.


    • That’s right! That happens in Fairview. A few years ago I waited in line behind a woman at a pricey hotdog stand on South Granville Street. She did much the same thing — ordered the most expensive weenie on the menu and when the time came, she didn’t want the onions or the buns, just the wiener on a napkin, so she could give all $8-worth of it to her dog!

      As for the “wide-ranging” menu, it is weird to see Greek salads and feta and kale breakfast wraps at McD’s.


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