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A really hot-looking autumn morning

September 29, 2015
16-degrees-in the-shade

A fresh slant on a view that I seen thousands of times.

How many degrees do you think it was in Vancouver at 8 a.m. this morning (Tuesday, September 29th)?

By the time I reached the intersection of Birch Street and the alley on the south side of West Broadway Avenue, it sure looked to me like it was 15° or 16°.

Okay, in this case, at least, I’m referring to the way that the roof of the Denny’s restaurant, the foreshortened billboard and tricks of the light beaming through the tree on Birch Street (sadly not a birch tree) combined to impose a surprisingly consistent slant on the scene.

But in other ways, the day did appear to greet me extra warmly, though it was really a little on the chilly side.

It’s cool how hot the trees look this time of year


A two-alarm tree almost fully engulfed by autumn.

There was the incandescent sunrise when I got up — that certainly gave the impression, at least, of warmth. And there were all the hot-looking trees in the Fairview neighbourhood.

The first tree that I saw when I crossed to the south side of Alder Street at West Broadway Avenue was typical in that it was crowned with such a fiery cherry hue that it brought to mind glowing fireplace pokers and reddening stove elements.

If I could reach into the crown and touch those leaves, I thought, I just might burn my fingers.

Whew! So hot. I took my fleece jacket off then and there.

When I made it to breakfast at 8:30 a.m., I checked the actual temperature on the Internet and you know what? At that moment it was only 10° Celsius in Vancouver, B.C.

Such an over-heated imagination! Click the images to enlarge them.

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  1. Do you think you’ll ever draw again? This post reminded me of your former vocation. You certainly have the artist’s eye.


    • I think I’ve always had and will always have that attentive eye for detail. What’s gone is a compulsion to draw for its own sake and the willingness to go to the necessary lengths to produce the work that I believe deserves to see the light of day.

      I can’t explain how much focus and intensity went into the simplest, of my brushy little caricatures or how much I loathe mediocre illustration (another thing that I can’t easily explain but can recognize at a glance).

      So sketching the world around me for the sheer sake of doing it seems pointless now (I have a camera!) and I have no twinges to return to the kind of editorial illustration that I did for, ah, 26 years.

      But I wouldn’t rule out graphic narrative or book illustrations if I felt that I had what was needed, which, given my dull skill level, would have to be something simple, like potato prints! 🙂


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