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McCafe stickers and the dope sickness of Monopoly withdrawal

November 4, 2015

Monopoly and McCafe stickers — together for the first time this year.

At the McDonald’s in the 1400 block of West Broadway Avenue this morning, I could hear people asking in dismay: “Is Monopoly over?” and “Where is the Monopoly sticker? Even demanding: “I want my sticker!”

That was because the franchise location had used up their supply of Monopoly-themed medium size McCafe cups and was back to using the standard medium cups bearing the McCafe coffee stickers and punch-out loyalty cards.

People who wanted — really wanted — a monopoly sticker with their morning coffee, had no choice but to buy a large coffee (see how that works?).

McDonald’s Canada’s Monopoly Coast to Coast contest doesn’t end until November 16 but in the next 12 days the Monopoly stickers will begin to get scarcer and scarcer as the various contest-themed wrappers and cups begin to run out of at individual locations of the restaurant chain.

Putting the “ie” in junk food

Soon I will see otherwise sane and rational people behaving a bit like dope-sick junkies as they begin to experience the deep-down pain of Monopoly withdrawal. There will be sudden bouts of red-faced sticker rage as cravings are denied. Towards the end, people will begin shamelessly rooting through the McDonald’s waste bins (just like homeless people) for that elusive “Vancouver Airport” sticker.

It’s almost worth buying things in McDonald’s just to sit and watch.

By the way, the McDonald’s location in question has also run out of the Monopoly wrappers for Egg McMuffins and breakfast wraps. However, they have two cases of mediums-size Monopoly coffee cups arriving tomorrow. Click the image to enlarge it.

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