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Dollars to doughnuts the Masons don’t approve

November 5, 2015

Wouldn’t know Freemasons from “fee”-Masons but he knows what he likes.

Whether they’re covering a T-shirt in nonsense words formed to look like a famous bourbon logo or ironically distorting the symbols of a 400-year-old secret society, the outerwear company Eckō Unltd. (founded in 1993) routinely expropriates and subverts the memorable form of brand marks in order to create fresh, eye-catching designs for their hoodies, sweatshirts and T-shirts.

Brand marks are designed to be memorable before meaningful, so they will catch your eye even if you never know what they mean — the same way that foreign language words can sound good, even if you don’t understand them.

So the fellow that I saw yesterday, saw nothing unusual in the silk-screened graphics adorning the shoulders of his Eckō Unltd. swearshirt; just attractive decorations and nothing more.

But Freemasonry might see red at the irreverent way that its square and compass logo has been mocked — what with the “G” being replaced with a dollar sign and all.

The left shoulder of the sweatshirt bore a stylized “all-seeing-eye in the pyramid” design that is considered a masonic symbol by everyone but the Freemasons.

Shake those tassels! A third degree Master Mason apron.

Shake those tassels! A third degree Master Mason apron.

This reminds me how, over a decade ago, a Freemason told me that he had seen two young women dancing together in a downtown Vancouver nightclub. What particularly caught his eye was that both of the women were wearing masonic aprons as part of their clubbing ensembles — cute!

Only the English speaking jurisdictions of Freemasonry use the “G” inside the square and compass logo and no two Freemasons can agree anymore whether it stands for “God”, “Great Architect of the Universe”, “Geometry”, “Generative” or “Gretzky”, for that matter.

Update: The “Fauxmason” sweatshirt rubbed at least one person the wrong way. Two years ago, Chaun Hall, of Chicago, Illinois, launched an unsuccessful petition to demand: “Marc Eckō aka Marc Louis Milecofsky, Eckō Unltd, and Iconix Brand Group, Inc: Stop imprinting Masonic Emblems on your clothing line“.

Hall garnered 1,774 of the 2,500 required signatories, demanding, not only that Eckō Unltd. stop using Masonic emblems but that it also issue a formal apology to Freemasonry and all Masons and Order of the Eastern Star Members. Click the image to enlarge it.

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  1. I’m a Mason, wearing the sweater as I type this.


    • And why wouldn’t you? The square and compass treatment is quite striking (I didn’t think the pyramid was quite as good). Unfortunately, too many Masons in my limited experience have displayed very thin skin when it comes to (mis)representations of Freemasonry in popular culture. But hey! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? 🙂


    • a sweater for EA


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