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Adobe finally kills Flash (at least in name)

December 9, 2015

flash-lives yet

If Adobe Systems Inc. hasn’t listened to critics who have loudly called for an end to the Flash multimedia platform, then at least it’s listened to its own marketing department.

This last June and July, three more, particularly nasty, security holes were revealed in the 19-year-old Flash Player, escalating calls for the Internet to stop using the buggy, aging browser plugin for web video and audio playback, in favour of newer browser-based HTML5 standards.

Really, Victor Frankenstein’s stitched-together creations got more love from villagers than the perennially-patched Adobe Flash received from the Internet this summer.

Many influential voices including the security chief of Facebook, called on Adobe to be part of the solution by announcing a firm retirement date for Flash.

Well now Adobe Systems Inc. has announced that it’s abandoning Flash Professional CC in order to focus on a new HTML5 multimedia authoring tool called Animate CC.

In Adobe’s words, Animate CC (available sometime in 2016) “will be Adobe’s premier web animation tool for developing HTML5 content”.

But it will also be able to edit existing Flash files and create new Flash content because (yawn), Animate CC is really just Flash Professional CC renamed.

Adobe’s press release also announces that next year, along with Animate CC, the company will be introducing a new HTML5 video player for desktop browsers, that will also no longer be called the Flash Player browser plugin. Click the image to enlarge it.

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