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Wouldn’t dig driving ahead of this in rush hour

January 26, 2016

Get a load of what it’s hauling!

Perhaps I’m just a nervous Nellie but this afternoon (January 26) I was glad to make it down West Broadway Avenue and back into the Fairview neighbourhood ahead of the Case 580 Super M loader/backhoe that I saw in the westbound lane of rush hour traffic at 4 p.m.

What gave me pause was the thing that the lumbering loader was hauling. Half in (and half  out) of the front claw bucket was a double drum walk-behind roller — the sort of diesel-powered machine that you see being used to compact soil and asphalt and which can apparently weigh between 700 to 800-some kgs.

According to Wikipedia, that equals or exceeds the 730 kg curb weight of a first generation Smart Fortwo!

And it was plain impossible for me not to imagine the loader stopping abruptly in traffic and unceremoniously tipping its weighty load onto the back of some poor commuter’s car — or bicycle trailer. Click the image to enlarge it.

  1. Hi. Certainly have to agree with you….this is an area to avoid for the next while. I was out walking my pooch on Sunday night…between 10pm and midnight….up and down Granville, then both sides of west broadway…yeah, that late night run for old Dutch potato chips, and the chocolate bars on sale at Mac’s. The street was very quiet, but all this machinery was loaded up right in the middle of west broadway, from the Royal Bank east to DeSerres. Looked like all was set to rock, roll and rumble on Monday morning. And it was even worse than I imagined??
    Cheer. Mary

    • That was for a second soil sample in the 1400 block toward the Broadway SkyTrain tunnel. Nice of them to block two lanes for the better part of three days.

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