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Flies are back. Did you miss them?

February 8, 2016
These two common flies seemed uncommonly aggressive.

In the vanguard. Two aggressive flies intent on tangling with one another.

Monday, February 8, was a nice day; a spring day, or at least a day that smelled like spring.

Flowers smelled like flowers. Dirt smelled like dirt and garbage…well, garbage apparently smelled like flies like it to smell because they were suddenly back, just like someone threw a switch.

Back by popular demand of almost no one


Apparently flies are grouchy after a winter’s hibernation.

No one pretends to knows exactly what flies are good for in the grand scheme of things, beyond their nutritional value to the rungs above them on the food chain but they are known to have exactly one good and admirable quality.

That is, they disappear over winter. The same cannot be said of politicians.

For better or worse, then, the reappearance of flies is a sign of spring, just as sure as the budding of tree branches and the blooming of crocuses.

And now that they’ve announced the change of seasons, I’d prefer that the flies just turn around and bloody well go back where they came from.

She's slow, weak and hungry but she survived the winter. I'm proud of her.

She’s weak and hungry and her web is a shambles but she survived the winter.

However, a dissenting opinion is held by the European garden spider in my parkade, just now quickening to shaky life after a winter spent mostly hibernating beside her tattered web. She definitely disagrees with me.

She hungers—no, she’s positively dying for the chance to meet a few of these flies. Click the images to enlarge them.

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