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Work crews and crocuses both herald spring

February 21, 2016

A worker ant it ain’t.

All these blooming City of Vancouver Streets Operations crews suddenly tearing up sidewalks and roads in the Fairview neighbourhood may inconvenience me a bit but they sure don’t bug me. In fact, I welcome them.

That’s because the reappearance of burly fluorescent orange-clad city work crews ripping up street corners and pouring fresh cement is just as much a sign of spring in Vancouver as the delicate purple crocuses presently popping up all over the city. Click the images to enlarge them.


A stand of crocuses on Manitoba Street in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

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One Comment
  1. Slowcrow permalink

    Ahhhhhh, cute. Stand of crocuses (croci??????) :). Heard frogs the other night, but definate chill in the air right now…….


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