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Can’t tell if these are the bad kind of mushrooms

February 26, 2016


There’s no telling what sort of new things will “spring” to life at this time of year. Take the funky-looking fungi that I saw today growing alongside 10th Avenue, between Laurel and Willow Street, on the grounds of the Vancouver General Hospital.

Late summer and fall is usually the time for ugly mushrooms to sprout on lawns and beside trees but I honestly don’t remember seeing these two even a week ago.


I’m sure they’re safe and healthy—they are growing on the grounds of a hospital after all. (They certainly look high in iron!) But I still wouldn’t dare touch them. Their caps aren’t half as rusty as my mushroom lore.

Not being able to tell a golden chanterelle from a death cap means that the only mushrooms I’ll ever pick are in cans on grocery store shelves. Click the image to enlarge it.

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  1. Don’t often see them growing so similar in appearance. I would suspect that these would be tough, even after sauteing them for a while. If you could find a pan large enough! Definitely look high in iron though.


  2. Slowcrow permalink

    Yup, they’re bad ones, very constipating and hard on one’s teeth. Avoid those ones! BTW, I see foraging in Toronto is illegal.


    • Foraging banned in Toronto, you say? As in illegal to eat dandelions or to collect scrap, bottles and other such trash?

      I’ll have to look into that. I have a nice central Canadian car binner following me on Twitter and as a result, I learned that Ottawa does have written bylaw stipulations against binning returnables, though they do not enforce them. Vancouver considered this but i don’t think the city wrote anything into a bylaw.


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