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That honking on 10th Avenue isn’t just from cars

March 10, 2016
The geese will see you now.

The geese will see you now.

On Monday, March 7, I watched a mated pair of stately Canada geese quietly lording it over the area of 10th Avenue and Willow Street. Whether it was the same pair that have made the spot their summer home for several years now I can only guess. As I’ve said before, all Canada geese travel in mated pairs and all of them look like the same pair to me.

This, of course, is to state the obvious. I’m sure that I’m not the only Vancouverite stirred from their sleep these last few weeks by the early morning sound of honking from on high.

That’s right, our favourite fair-weather friends are back. They’ve returned from their winter vacation in the southern parts of North America in order to spend their summer vacation in our parks and green spaces. Even as I write, the big birds are fanning out in pairs across the city and settling into their habitual haunts.

I don’t know where else exactly in Vancouver that Canada geese like to congregate but in the Fairview neighbourhood, if the past is any indication, a pair of them (named “Lucy” and “Diamond”) will be seen from time to time cropping the grass in front of the School Board building just off South Granville Street and another pair will appear now and then in Choklit Park on 7th Avenue. Last year I even saw a pair “arguing” atop the buildings of the 1400 block of West Broadway Avenue.

Certainly many dozens of pairs of them will be setting up housekeeping on Granville Island, where, by May, there will be a whole new generation of downy golden baby Canada goslings to delight children and tourists alike.

So lets all welcome back our summer overlords. And please, don’t take it personally if you find one of them lazily sunning themselves on their plump arses in the middle of your street, blocking you from getting out of your driveway, or otherwise acting like they own the place.

Remember, they really think they do (own the place, I mean).

That’s what you get for naming a country after birds. It goes right to their heads. Click the image to enlarge it.

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