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How much work were those bunnies in the window?

March 12, 2016


I’ve noticed that the Firehall Branch Library, in the 1400 block of 10th Avenue, seems to be working particularly hard to create eye-catching window displays. This emphasis on window dressing dates back at least to the summer of 2015, when a gargantuan paper and tinfoil rocket ship landed in the display space of the library’s entrance foyer.

This month, the library has gone with a seasonal Easter theme, by way of Japanese paper craft.

The window display is filled with origami rabbits, variously folded from brown, mauve and yellow construction paper. Around the rabbits is strewn a sort of meadow of paper flowers and greenery.

You have to look up to people who lower themselves to dress windows


Do the staff really lower in their window displays from the second floor?

The library’s foyer display space is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass on all four sides. Two of the sides are outside windows.

I was under the impression that one of the interior glass sides opened like a door, however a retired friend of mine, who spends a lot of time in the Firehall Library, told me that he watched the parts of last month’s window display being carefully lowered from the second floor down into the glass box of the display space.

My friend was of the opinion that the window dressers over reached themselves and that the result was a bit of a mess.

I can’t speak to that because I only ever saw last month’s display from a distance. I can tell you, however, that its main feature was a very large upended umbrella.


Easter theme aside, the Firehall window display has at least two direct tie-ins to the library and books.

First, all of the rabbits and flowers and greenery are made from paper–you know, the stuff that books are made from. And secondly, at the crowning summit of the display sits a pamphlet explaining “How to Get a Library Card”.

There may even be a third way in which this display celebrates the library.

A quick check of the Vancouver Public Library’s web-based catalogue shows that there are five books in the Firehall Library’s collection on the subject of origami:

  • Easy Animal Origami, by Christopher L. Harbo
  • Super Quick Origami Animals, by Nick Robinson
  • Ocean Animals (Origami Safari), by Ruth Owen
  • Dinosaurs (Learn to Fold Origami), by Katie Gillespie
  • Home Decorating With Origami, by Tomoko Fuse

Extra points for coolness if the Firehall Library’s window dressers used books from their own branch in order to learn how to make the origami rabbits! Click the images to enlarge them.

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