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Panhandler/busker strikes the wrong note

March 17, 2016


March is a 31-day month—a so-called “five weeker”. This means that people who rely on monthly income and disability assistance money from the British Columbia government are waiting a week longer than most months for their cheques and are financially stretched even thinner than usual.

I have mentioned the problem of five week welfare waits before, along with the tendency of many recipients to “feast after the famine”.

In January of 2015, I ended a post on welfare day craziness with a suggestion to divide the year up into 13 equal four-week cheque periods. Assuming that my math was correct, this was doable with the addition of one more cheque a year, which amounted to something like an 8.3 percent increase in benefits. There were no takers sadly.

Anyway, the five week wait may be why, even as I write, the youthful intersection panhandler that I mentioned (somewhat dismissively) in a previous post is back, pacing his short beat on the concrete median of the 1400 block of West Broadway Avenue.

And the fact that yesterday wasn’t cheque day may also help explain the brief apparition that caught the attention of pedestrians a few hours ago.

Everybody’s a critic


Trumpeter swine?

Bold as brass, a bald-headed fellow armed with a trumpet and a rather grouchy disposition showed up by the mouth of the alley on the south side of the 1400 block. He proceeded to blow on the trumpet (rather than play it) and hold out his hand in expectation of receiving money from passers-by.

As it developed that no one would remunerate him for his intermittent one-note performances, he also took to blowing off steam over the fact.

Sadly, I was across the street from him and could not make out the exact way that he phrased his displeasure. Neither could I quite make out what he said to me (what with the cars and all) but I think that I got the gist.

Meanwhile, the back alleys of Fairview will likely be overflowing with binners and it’s high time that I rejoined them, so that (ha ha) I can claim my share of the 12-or-so returnable beverage containers that remain to be found. Click the images to enlarge them.

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  1. “….but I think that I got the gist.” You make me laugh!


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