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Nutty but good—the peanut butter McFlurry!

April 7, 2016


On a recent spring morning I found myself comparing the sweetened and emulsified peanut butter that I get with breakfasts in McDonalds to the soft serve ice cream that comes in a McFlurry.

I started out wondered if the two might have similar proportions of salt, sugar and fat. But I just ended up wanting to find out what they tasted like together.

So I put aside four peanut butter packets from two McDonald’s Big Breakfasts and Wednesday evening (April 6) I ordered a regular size McFlurry with no toppings.

Scooping out each of the four little portion packs and manually mixing the peanut butter in with the soft vanilla ice cream was fiddly work but I managed to do it without making too much of a mess and actually the two ingredients combined very nicely.

The resulting McFlurry had a thick, ice-creamy consistency that was velvety on the tongue and tasted as good as I thought it would. I can’t say that it was better than a baked pie McFlurry but peanut butter certainly does go with vanilla ice cream!

Admittedly, McDonald’s peanut butter and McDonald’s soft serve ice cream together makes for a very rich and intensely sweet confection—perhaps a bit too sweet actually.

Organic peanut butter (sans extra sugar or salt) might give an even better result, with more flavour and less sugar. Probably still very rich though. I think that’s  just the nature of mixing peanut butter and vanilla ice cream.

As I noted at the top, there really isn’t much equivalence between the composition of smooth peanut butter and soft ice cream.

One hundred grams of smooth peanut butter has about 17 milligrams of sodium, 9 milligrams of sugar and a whopping 50 grams of fat, while the same volume of soft ice cream has over three times as much sodium (61 milligrams), over twice as much sugar (21 grams) but surprisingly, less than a third as much fat (13 grams).

The calories per 100 grams of smooth peanut butter and soft ice cream are 588 versus 222. And the same 100 g volume of smooth peanut butter and soft ice cream has 25 grams and 4.1 grams of protein respectively. Click the image to enlarge it.

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  1. Nelson permalink

    Aw, crap. I’ve got a jar of Adam’s pb, smooth (it’s the best) and hard vanilla ice cream…and I’m thinking about melding the two. Thanks, Stanley. Thanks a lot, he wrote some sarcasm.


    • Thanks, at least, for sharing the fact that you have hard vanilla ice cream and Adams peanut butter (he wrote sarcastically). 🙂 Those are the real deal. Together they should be rich like Warren Buffet.


  2. Jet permalink

    They always do smooth, why not chunky?


    • If by “they” you mean McDonald’s then I would guess it has to do with greater mass popularity and lower cost of smooth peanut butter. One could, I suppose, make up the difference by asking for the packet of crushed peanuts that is offered with the purchase of a sundae.


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