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Do these tires make my bike look fat?

April 18, 2016

Notice the extra strong, four-point, frame mounting for the bike rack. Nice!

The Kona WO that I saw last week in Mount Pleasant is the first “fat bike” that I have ever seen in the “flesh”. Prior to this sighting I was only really aware of the Surly brand of fat bikes, such as the aptly named Moonlander.


Wide ride. The 12.1 cm (4.8-inch) Jumbo Jim snow tires on the Kona WO.

First and foremost, fat bikes are designed for riding in snow, which is why both the Surly Moonlander and the Kona WO, feature 26-inch (66 cm) tires that are a whopping 12.1 cm wide! Of course, if a bike can be ridden in snow, I think it can pretty much be ridden anywhere!

Might be worth robbing a snowbank to get one of these

A Surly Ted trailer modded with a plastic bed over the steel frame.—Surly/Brother David Sunshine

A Ted trailer with a plastic bed over the steel frame.—Surly/Brother David Sunshine

While I certainly wouldn’t kick one their fat bikes out of a gooey clay bed, my real interest in Surly always been the ridiculously strong-looking Bill and Ted cargo trailers that the Minnesota-based company offers. However, my interest is largely academic—at over $1000-a-pop, these trailers are also ridiculously expensive. Click the images to enlarge them

  1. Slowcrow permalink

    I’ve seen one in an EKbike shop with electric motor. When i mentioned them to a Walmart salesman he said that that made more sense. Lots of rolling resistance i guess. But maybe that’s just the ‘cheap’ ones that they sell, and not a design flaw……. :). Will have to go test ride it i guess..


    • Have to be honest. To my mind at least, a motorized bicycle equals such things as decaffeinated coffee, dealcoholized beer, a McDonald’s Latte, premium hotdogs, low-calorie ice cream, a Greek tragedy with a happy ending, Three’s company without Chrissy and so on. 🙂


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